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Risk Management for Oil and Gas Exploration and Production by Hydraulic Fracture Technique by by Dr Claudia Valdés Aguirre

Without a doubt, any activity aimed at the extraction of oil and gas carries risks. In recent years, the hydraulic…

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Federal Executive Council (FEC) approves 150 Million Dollar Loan for the development of Off-grid Renewable Electricity

The Federal Executive Council has approved a $150m loan facility from African Development Bank and $50m loan from African Grow…

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Environmental Co-housing: A Way to Shovel Ageing, Environmental and Socioeconomic Issues by Dr. Claudia Valdés Aguirre

Lifestyle, technological and scientific advances have evolved providing a greater life expectancy. Let´s be honest the pyramid of life is…

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Application of the Precautionary Principle in favour of Sustainable Agriculture in Mexico: The Case of the Indigenous Communities of Campeche by Dr. Claudia Valdés Aguirre

Although there are few cases related to the application of the precautionary principle to sustainable agriculture in the Mexican Courts….