The term ‘sustainable development’ in this context is a way of development that creates a harmonious interface between development, environmental protection and conserving the available resources for the future generations. Sustainable agriculture and sustainable energy are major arms of sustainable development. Undoubtedly law has a role to play in achieving sustainable agriculture and energy in the context of differing national, regional and international objectives.

This website contains information, news, interviews, articles, trends and emerging practises on the many faces of
the relationship between sustainable development and law. The definition of law for this purpose includes national laws and policies, regional and international laws. Additionally, information may be shared periodically on the non-legal issues that underpin the legal themes of this site. Sustainable development is a universal topic and as such, appeals to a wide range of audience including to academicians, industrial actors, governments, international bodies etc.

The editors welcome contributions on any topic that falls within the theme of this site. Short articles, not exceeding 2000-word count are particularly welcomed. Articles will undergo peer review before publication. Send articles to info@sustainabledevelopmentlaws.com